Welcome to the new Green Street!

Green Street has long been Canada’s trusted clearinghouse for quality educational programs from environmental organizations. Now, with new partners and up-to-date Web functionality, it is becoming even more.

More than a Web site!

Green Street links you to a learning community of people who are taking action for the environment and social justice, in and with schools across Canada. This is your invitation to join with others in building a movement for change!

Engaging students and teachers in building the future – today!

We’re serious about creating a movement. Green Street offers a safe and friendly place for students and teachers, classrooms and communities, to inspire and involve one another in creative and hopeful activities to imagine and build a future we can all look forward to.

Take a look around…and get connected!

First time teacher? Student looking for a cool project? You’ll find news, ideas, stories and resources, plus a growing array of community partners eager to work with you.

See you on the Street!

Our Vision

Through Green Street you can access high quality education programs and funding opportunities; you can find out what schools and community partners are doing across the country to support environmental sustainability and student engagement; and you can connect to a learning community and join with others in building a movement for change

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