“My Green Street” will offer limited funding opportunities for environmental projects that are initiated and led by teachers and students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the public education system. If you…

You REALLY appreciate the environment and your community;
Want to CHANGE things and have an IMPACT;
Have CREATIVITY and general ideas that will engage the PERSONS around you …
Visit this site in mid-February to get all the information you need about funding opportunities for students and caring teachers who want to make a difference.


NEW TOOL for classroom teachers:

Investing in our communities … as citizens of the world: A civic approach based on ecological, democratic, peaceful and supportive values ​​- If you are looking for classroom activities and resources for students In order to create a commitment to environmental and community projects among these youth, the exercises and lesson plans for grades 6 to 10 in this toolkit

Lesson plans and experiential learning activities will help students think globally, act locally to make a difference. This tool was originally developed by the Centrale des syndicats du Québec in this province and adapted by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation for distribution elsewhere in Canada. Provide environmental education programs for a high-quality, sustainable future that encourage the active participation of Canadian elementary and secondary school students by developing knowledge about the environment and sustainable development, The environment and the taking of concrete actions
By choosing the TEACHER AREA tab, on the home page of My Green Street.
Then click on SIGN UP.

Select the province of Quebec on the drop-down box, then your level of education.
Indicate the topics you are interested in.
Then check out the activities offered by Green Street organizations for your students and make your choice.

Fill out the registration form.
Remember the name of the organization you have chosen to bring to the classroom. This will send you an acknowledgment of receipt. If your application is accepted, the organization will contact you to set a date for the class intervention.

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